[안드로이드]Display Tester v4.20 [Pro]

토렌트막 0 10 06.12 01:35
Display Tester v4.20 [Pro]


-= Free features =-

◆ Dead pixel test: detect "dead pixels" by displaying a series of solid background color pages

◆ Color tests: contrast, gradient (banding) and saturation tests

◆ Gamma calibration tests (grey/red/green/blue)

◆ Viewing angle tests (This is useless for OLED displays)

◆ Multi-touch test

◆ Display performance tests

◆ Repair burn in - scrolling black & white bars

◆ Display measures info: screen size, GPU type, dpi, density-independent pixel size, OpenGL 1.x info, pixel format

◆ Real world pictures for reference and comparison

◆ 4-color gradient test with orientation change correction (Android 2.2 and higher)

-= Pro features =-

◆ No splash screen

◆ Full Google Cast support

◆ Repair burn in - noise (white, b&w, red, green, blue) => Only Android 2.2 and higher!

◆ Pixel format & dithering tests

◆ Built-in font styles test

◆ Manually DPI measurement

◆ Color charts

◆ Touch screen dead spot tester

◆ System Fonts tester

◆ DIP / PX calculator